jeudi 13 mai 2010

The English version

As a member of several English speaking blogs, I've decided to write a few posts in English. So here is the first one. My English is not very good and I hope it won't be a pain to read my posts but I accept all corrections and/or advice. So having said that, where should I start!?

Well first of all, the main purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in painting figures, building scenery and terrain, playing furious games, reading good military books and all that stuff that have a connection to wargames with figures. I will concentrate on 2 periods; The Lord of the Rings (which is not really an official historical period but it's also a great part of my past) and the Napoleonic wars. And of course, I'll add many pictures because as Chinese use to say; "a picture is worth 1000 words!".

I decided to create 2 armies for each considered period. For Napoleonic wars, there will be the French of course because it was the main opponent of all European empires but also because it was a great army. The secund army will be the Austrians because I like their colors and it's also a very difficult army to play with. A good challenge then. For historical references (uniforms and regiments), I will use the 1809 campaign. Concerning the Lord of the Rings, I've chosen to build a Rohan army and an Isengard army.

I've decided to use Front Rank figures pre 1812 painted using Citadel colors. My first French regiment is the 57th of Saint Hilaire division, IIIrd corps of Marshall Davout at the beginning of the 1809 campaign. I consider that a figure represents approximately 150 men which give me a regiment of 14 figures (10 fusilers, 2 voltigeurs and 2 grenadiers). I've found this scale suitable to small gaming tables and it will be easier for me to build a complete corps without spending years in painting.

Taking the advantage of a very sunny day here are a few pictures of my first painted figures.

3 commentaires:

  1. Chaque unité représente un régiment plutôt qu'un battaillon, c'est bien ça?

  2. Oups, tellement peu l'habitude des commentaires que je n'avais pas vu que tu en avais mis un!

    En fait et pour être honnête, Je n'ai pas encore décidé. Une unité égale un régiment me plaît bien pour plusieurs raisons mais les deux principales sont :
    -Les batailles sont souvent racontées et écrient en évoquant les régiments plutôt que les bataillons,
    -Moins de figurines à peindre. Non que je sois fainéant (si, un peu quand même) mais ça prend beaucoup de temps et je veux commencer à jouer rapidement,

    J'en reparlerai sûrement dans un autre post.

  3. Je représente aussi des régiments. Mes raisons sont surtout d'ordre esthétique; ça me permet d'avoir plus de drapeaux pour les Autrichiens/Prusses/Russes et aussi chacune de mes unités Autrichiennes a des couleurs distinctives différentes (c'est plus beau mais aussi plus facile à reconnaître sur la table de jeu)