lundi 13 septembre 2010

Rohan fortress siege

Here is the english version of the Rohan fortress siege that took place on July, the 10th. It will be shorter and summarized in one post to avoid a long post with similar although different pictures than all previous ones on the same subject. But the aim is to share in english this great game where both sides saw epic actions, shaken and disrupted situations and a beautiful table.

The Rohirrims have to defend the fortress of Westfold, the last bastion before the city of Edoras. Saroumane sent his Uruk-Haï to raze the citadel which represents a serious threat to his plans to invade Rohan. The forces of Rohan are positionned on the walls of the fortress and every man looks, anxious the arrival of Isengard troops :

The Uruk quickly reach the walls, lift ladders and climb them to spread terror over the Rohan forces. Despite a hail of javelins devastating the forefront of the Uruk-Haï and slowing the holders of powder barrels, the steady stream of Isengard troops does not shrink while the defenders are fewer and fewer, chopped by the tiles of Vrasku and his rafters. Erkenbrand fights like a lion :

The Rohirrims kill every Uruk warrior who comes up on top of ladders. But the walls are beset on all sides by a flood of creatures while others arrive on the battlefield giving the impression of an endless dark tide. Suddenly a great cheer rises from the ramparts of the fortress. The crewmen of the trebuchet have well adjusted their fire and they hit the siege tower which rocks on the side and breaks on the ground scattering mortals debris around :

The struggle is fierce and despite a break on the east wall by the Uruk, Isengard troops fail to take over objectives in the fortress before the Rohan cavalry arrive :

The victory is bitter and uncertain for Rohan. Losses and damages are considerable. I try to imagine Aragorn' thoughts.
Aragorn walks a few steps outside the fortress watching the dozens of Uruk-Haï bodies scattered at the walls foot : "Will we be ready for the next attack ?" he thinks aloud.

This game was excellent even if we had not finished after more than 10 hours of play. The preparation also took a bit too long (2 hours). Next time, we'll be ready! In fact, we've already played the revenge of the Uruk-Haï but this is another story...

Thanks to Ricou for his help to take pictures during the game when I was to busy thinking of what will be my next move.

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  1. Super table, et superbes figurines !
    Je suis content de voir un autre joueur du SDA se lancer dans de tels projets !
    Si tu aimes le SDA, et le Rohan, tu peux visiter mon blog, particulièrement le libellé "projet Rohan". Tu peux même devenir membre pour me soutenir !!!

  2. Merci Renaud pour tes encouragements.
    Je suis allé voir ton blog et je dois dire qu'il y a lire et à voir plein de belles choses. Tellement en fait que j'en suis devenu membre.
    A bientôt.

  3. Très beau blog et si tu aimes tant le SDA, il y a le forum du palantir 100% SDA.